Versailles France

The Versailles & Giverny Foundation Today

Versailles, France

At Versailles, we are committed to the ongoing restoration of the marble statues in the Parc. This is the world’s largest and most beautiful outdoor Museum of Statuary. It is walked in and marveled at by millions of international visitors.

The original statue is restored and housed for its eternal protection inside the Château. The poured replica, the most costly part of the restoration, is made of a new resin mixed in with the one hundred percent powdered marble called “Versailles”, the replica is put on its pedestal in the Parc to weather time and elements.

In the 1990’s, we started with the Sun King Louis XIV masterpiece of French sculpture, “Le Bosquet des Bains d’Apollon” by Girardon, Regnaudin, Guérin & Marsy (1672)