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Their Royal Highnesses
The Crown Prince Mohamed Ali of Egypt &
Her Royal Highness
The Princess Noal Zaher of Afghanistan
Thursday, May the Fourth, 2023

Their Royal Highnesses
The Prince & Princess Louis Alphonse of Bourbon
Duke & Duchess of Anjou
Thursday, May the Fifth, 2022

His Imperial & Royal Highness
The Archduke of Austria
Royal Prince of Hungary
István von Habsburg-Lothringen
Thursday, May the Second, 2019

Her Imperial Highness
The Grand Duchess Maria of Russia
Thursday, May the Third, 2018

Their Royal Highnesses
The Crown Prince & Princess
Leka II of the Albanians
Thursday, May the Fourth, 2017

Their Royal Highnesses
The Duke & Duchess of Bragança
Thursday, May the Fifth, 2016

Their Royal Highnesses
The Hereditary Prince & Princess
Bernhard of Baden
Thursday, May the Seventh, 2015

Their Royal Highnesses
The Prince & Princess
Karl Friedrich von Hohenzollern
Thursday, May the First, 2014

Her Royal Highness
The Crown Princess Margarita
& Prince Radu of Romania
Thursday, May the Second, 2013

His Royal Highness
The Duke Edward of Edinburgh
Thursday, May the Third, 2012

Their Royal Highnesses
The Count & Countess of Paris
Thursday, May the Fifth, 2011

His Imperial & Royal Highness
Prince George Frederick of Prussia
Thursday, May the Sixth, 2010

Their Royal Highnesses
Prince & Princess
Charles-Philippe d’Orléans
Thursday, May the Seventh, 2009

His Imperial Highness
Prince Charles Napoléon
Thursday, May the First, 2008

Their Royal Highnesses
Prince & Princess
Michael of Kent
Thursday, May the Third, 2007

Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan
Thursday, May the Fourth 2006

Their Royal Highnesses
Prince & Princess
Michael of Greece
Thursday, May the Fifth, 2005

Their Majesties
King Simeon II Saxe-Coburg & Gotha
& Queen Margarita of Bulgaria
Thursday, May the Sixth, 2004

Her Royal Highness
The Duchess Elizabeth in Bavaria
Princess of Bavaria
Thursday, May the First 2003


The Valley Forge Military Academy and College Color Guard

Held once a year in a private New York City Club and always centred around a Royal Personage.

Madame Barbara de Portago, Foundation President, invites one of her Royal friends from Europe. The Royal Highness receives patrons during the Taittinger Champagne Reception and then goes on to speak for fifteen minutes, no podium or slides, during the seated and placé dinner about a subject of their choice both personal and historical.

The One Hundred Cadets of The Valley Forge Military Academy & College are present to escort the ladies attending on their own, strike up the Band, send in the Color Guard and Trumpet in the Royal Cortège!

The event is limited to two hundred Patrons. The tables seat six, are ideal for conversation and getting to know each other during the evening.

The evening features a “Fin de Soirée” at a chosen later location to dance the night and/or morning away.

The Top Seat Category includes the at-home Luncheon the day before, the Benefit and the intimate seated dinner the next night in a private New York City residence. These invitations are in the presence of The Royal Highness.

The attire is Black Tie for men and all-out Evening Dress for women.